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Tools & Accessories - Nash Paints

tools & accessories

50mm paint brush

75mm paint brush

75mm paint brush

100mm paint brush

152,4mm paint brush

spray gun

spray gun

spray gun

spray gun

spray gun

back up pad

kronenflex a 24 r supra 230 x 3 x 22,23mm

kronenflex a 24 extra t 230 x 6 x 22,23mm

kronenflex a 24 r supra 115 x 2,5 x 22,23mm cutting disc

kronenflex a 24 r supra 115 x 6 x 22,23mm grinding disc

backing pad

6 inch sanding pad

sanding disc

klingspor hook it disc

hook it disc holder

number plate tape

red reflector tape

yellow reflector tape

white reflector tape

masking tape

alfa dust masks

single respirator mask

respirator cartridge

double respirator mask

air sander

750ml l thinners

750ml turpentine

5l basecoat thinners

5l l thinners

crack filler

mixing cup

stone chip

chroma ultra polish

hand glaze

sika windscreen adhesive

body file holder

brazing rod

m14 adapter

rubber block

sanding sheets

riveting gun

10 ton porta power

abrasive paper

standard belt

airline hose

panel beating hammer

polishing machine

pressure switch

production paper

pro max brazing flux

short belts

sikatech gun

universal paint colorant

q bond

buff pads

standard belt

metal speed file

tack rag

trailer set

ingco mixing ruler


wagena 5pc quick coupler set

water paper

wire brush

roller brush

wooden speed file

wooden speed file

wp ps 33

ingco wire cup brushes

diamond cutting blades


blind rivets

double side tape

drill machine

paint strainer

fibre mat

foam finishing pads

polishing cream

gravity feed cup

grinding machine