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from our brand manager

As the brand manager, I am 100% committed to quality and I value our clients’ properties because I understand the time and money invested in them.

Our method of advertising is pretty simple! We iust make our client happy and he or she will do the rest. I also make if a point to inspect some Of the properties we work on to ensure that my staff are doing things exactly as per our customer needs.

You all know that l, Macheso, am a family man so it goes without saying that I will work hard to make sure that our company brings joy and smiles to all the families that engage us.



Alick Macheso Brand Manager

why alick macheso?

In this era of dynamic engagement, celebrities have become excellent salesmen.

Presenting a face that is familiar to the target market makes it faster and easier to communicate the message efficiently and effectively.

We can safely say that the ‘Sungura• sensation relates to most Zimbabweans and has become an influential leader in society.

Since he was recruited, we have painted over 100 properties in just six months. Apart from actual sales, we have received an increase in inquiries which we have listed as potential sales.

We are very grateful to Alick Macheso as he has been a loyal representative Of the Brand.

The Group partnered and was honoured in 2013 by REDCROSS International for partnering various projects.Nash Paints is also quite active on the Corporate Social Responsibility front. Since its inception, the company has made various interventions aimed at making a difference in the lives of Zimbabweans. The commitment Of Nash Paints to improve lives in the communities does not only come from social investment but also through their daily business operations which in turn creates employment thus contributing to the nation of the nation’s well being.